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Pick Mattock 5 lb 36" Fiberglass Handle (EMT/P-536F)

Pick Mattock 5 lb 36" Fiberglass Handle (EMT/P-536F)

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Pick Mattock 5lb. 36" Fiberglass Handle

Order #: 62560


The Estwing 5lb Pick Mattock is designed for outdoor use such as gardening and landscaping. This versatile tool breaks through tough soil and hard surfaces with its versatile design.  The Pick end drives through tough surfaces while the mattock end functions as a hoe in tight spaces or rocky soil.

The 36” double-injected fiberglass handle enables a superior grip and shock absorption, reducing strain on the hands and arms during use. The drop-forged head undergoes rigorous heat treatment and tempering processes, ensuring durability and performance. 


Head Weight: 5 Pounds 

Handle Length: 36" 

Overall Length: 39" 

Overall Weight: 8.93 Pounds 

Handle Material: Fiberglass 

Excellent Strength & Durability: Built, tested, and approved to ESTWING superior quality and specifications.

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