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5 lb RailRoad Pick 36" Fiberglass Handle (EMT/R-536F)

5 lb RailRoad Pick 36" Fiberglass Handle (EMT/R-536F)

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Rail Road Pick 5lb. 36" Fiberglass Handle

Order #: 62562


The Estwing Railroad Pick with fiberglass handle breaks through tough surfaces in railroad maintenance, landscaping, and heavy-duty construction. The double-ended head design offers two different functions:

The pointed pick blade hits deep to loosen stubborn soil and break through tough terrain. 

The narrow edge pick blade, also known as a square pick point, excels at cutting and digging. 

The 36” double-injected fiberglass handle enables a superior grip and shock absorption, reducing strain on the hands and arms during use. The drop-forged head undergoes rigorous heat treatment and tempering processes, ensuring durability and performance. 


Head Weight: 5 Pounds 

Handle Length: 36" 

Overall Length: 38" 

Overall Weight: 8.93 Pounds 

Handle Material: Fiberglass 

Spare heads available 

Excellent Strength & Durability: Built, tested, and approved to ESTWING superior quality and specifications.

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