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5lb Cutter Mattock with 36" Fiberglass Handle- 62563 (EMT/C-536F)

5lb Cutter Mattock with 36" Fiberglass Handle- 62563 (EMT/C-536F)

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Estwing Fiberglass Cutter Mattock 

Order #: 62563

The Estwing 5lb Cutter Mattock tackles tough digging and cutting hard soils, withstanding heavy-duty use. Engineered for user’s comfort, the fiberglass handle provides strength while minimizing vibration. The drop-forged head is heat-treated and tempered for durability, withstanding tough conditions.

The double-ended, drop-forged head offers different functions: 

The Axe type vertical blade end cuts roots and remove stumps. 

The Adze type horizontal blade end digs deep and pulls soil towards the user. 


Head Weight: 5 lbs. 

Handle Length: 36" 

Handle Material: Fiberglass 

Overall Weight: 8.15lbs. 

Excellent Strength & Durability: Built, tested and approved to ESTWING superior quality and specifications.

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